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Global Tour Begins: Jo Walton's Among Others

Globetrotters Jo Walton and Sasha Walton have begun their grand railway tour of the Western U.S., which celebrates the release of the trade paperback edition of Jo's magnificent fantasy novel Among Others. I caught them in Chicago between the Lake Shore Limited and the Empire Builder. They are now in Minneapolis, where Jo will make an appearance at Uncle Hugo's Sunday at 1 PM.

Then it will be on to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque where Jo will read and sign books in local bookstores.

As you may know, Jo writes a "re-reading" column that calls Jo Walton Reads. She has also published fantasy and alternate-history novels, short fiction, and poetry.

The trade paperback was just released this week by Tor Books (a year after the hardcover of Among Others). I felt privileged to be one of the Others the Waltons find themselves Among as they cross the prairie and the Rockies. I'm sure they will find many, many more book lovers along the railway ahead.
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