beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Happy 53rd, G. Rossini!

Today with its Doodle, Google celebrates the 53rd birthday of Gioachino Antonio Rossini, who was born in 1792 and died in 1868.

Rossini was the favorite composer of Mrs. Nancy Husted, my high school English teacher. She would have wanted me to wish him a happy birthday. I'm not big on opera, but I love his overtures!

He was great at composing, but since shortly after his 18th birthday, he has spent his time decomposing.

The Christian Science Monitor reports "You've heard Gioachino Rossini's music, even if you've never heard of him."

If you have indeed never heard of him, don't feel like the Lone Ranger...

Edited to add: It's also the 37th birthday of the great Herman Hollerith!
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