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"Full Boost Vertical!" RIP Gerry Anderson 1929-2012

Gerry Anderson, producer of TV and movies, has passed away.

Thanks to the inablility of CKLW to keep signals from leaking across the Detroit River into the U.S., I was TOTALLY OBSESSED with Supercar.

The following year, I was TOTALLY OBSESSED with Fireball XL5, as it aired on NBC Saturday mornings.

Because in 1962, 1963, or 1964, where else could a kid see cool spaceships and cool VTOLs on television? Science fiction was thin on the ground. I loved machines and wanted to learn everything about science and engineering. In these shows, the camera worshipped the machines. Viewers learned every detail of Supercar's startup procedure. I ate this up.

Stingray was fun to watch, but not as obsession-making.

I learned of the existence of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, et al, but they were not aired in the cities where I lived. (Decades later, I watched some of them, out of respect for my inner 9-year-old, who would have found them awesome.)

When I met Gerry Anderson at long last, I was able to thank him for feeding the imagination of a young technophile.

Once again, Mr. Anderson, thanks for the adventure. Full Boost Vertical!
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