beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Boustrophedonically Yours, W. Skeffington Higgins

This week, I got to use the word "boustrophedonic" in a sentence.

Then I realized that this was the first time in the current decade I had used it. It just doesn't come up very often.

(We had brought a roll of drawings into a beamline enclosure as a reference. When one leaves, one must check for radioactivity on ones's person or objects one is carrying. My colleague Mike was frisking the roll with a pancake counter, scanning it from end to end, rotating the roll a little, then moving the frisker in the other direction.)

If you, too, want to work "boustrophedonic" into your conversation, it may be best to go someplace where corn-on-the-cob is being served.
Tags: physics, words
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