beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Thanksgiving Oddities

While preparing for Thanksgiving festivities, I switched on the good old Macy's Parade. And discovered another thing that high-definition TV is well-suited for. But I noticed a couple of odd things.

1. A large marching band playing "Simple Gifts" in the middle of this very large and colorful parade, accompanied by performers in bright skirts twirling huge, colorful flags. Wouldn't a sentiment like "'Tis a gift to be simple" be better expressed by, say, a single person walking down a deserted street, playing a dulcimer?

2. A commercial for a new animated movie entitled Frozen. It had not occurred to me-- and maybe it had not occurred to executives of the film company-- that this would result in an announcer uttering the words "Disney's Frozen." Will this rumor never die? I checked Snopes. No, he's not.
Tags: animation, music, television
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