beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Beam Jockeys of the Sixties

Recently I found a 1966 account of a brand-new atom smasher. Dr. Gregory A Loew gave a talk to fellow physicists at the International Conference on Instrumentation for High Energy Physics proudly describing his laboratory, which is one of Fermilab's elder sisters.

Take a look at "Report on the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center."

At the bottom of page 5, Loew writes:
"Just to the right-hand side of the console is the domain of the beam operator, sometimes called the beam jockey. Besides numerous telephones and Tektronics (sic) oscilloscopes, the beam operator focuses his attention on beam guidance and the beam spectrum."
This greatly predates my own use of the phrase "beam jockey" in the mid-Eighties.
Tags: accelerators, history, physics
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