beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Private Jetpacks: Closer Than Ever!

Using a jet engine, rather than a rocket, is one solution to extending the range of rocket-belt-like devices. Bell Aerosystems and Williams collaborated on a Bell Jet Belt, but it hasn't flown for nearly four decades. Modern cruise missiles descended from the compact engine Williams developed.

It's much harder to duplicate a jet belt than a rocket belt. (For one thing, governments don't like cruise missile engines to be for sale.) Nevertheless, Richard Brown (among others) in the UK has been persevering. He's built a unique engine of his own design.

Mr. Brown has just posted video of his flight tests, which employ a multi-axis rig that limits the trouble he can get into.

Mr. Brown has also written a good account of his device's development.
Tags: aviation, belt, brown, jet, jetpack, richard brown, rocket, rocketbelt
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