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In Anticipation, My Worldcon Schedule

K and I will be attending Worldcon in Montreal, and I am scheduled for several program items.

Contrary to the published schedule, I will NOT be moderating "Is French SF Sexier?" Thursday at 7 PM.  I begged off.

 This news should come as a relief to all who appreciate either French SF or sexiness.

Title:  First Contact: Finding Other Civilizations
Description:  How do we get (back) out into space? How do we find other intelligent life? What do we say when we get there?

All Participants:  Bill Higgins, David Clements, Eric Choi, Michael Sestak, Paul Abell, Kim Binsted
When: Fri 11:30
Location:  P-516E
Session ID:  837
Moderator:  Paul Abell
Duration:  1:00 hrs:min
Language:  English
Track: Teen Programming

Title:  Tall Technical Tales
Description:  True, humourous and occasionally educational stories from the front lines of science. Just what should you do if you swallow Liquid Nitrogen? Listen to our panel's stories, then share your own.

All Participants:  Bill Higgins, Chuck Walther, David Clements, Mark Olson
When: Fri 17:00
Location:  P-518BC
Session ID:  113
Moderator:  David Clements
Duration:  1:30 hrs:min
Language:  English
Track: Science and Space

Title:  Tales of Super Science: Making the Unworkable Work
Description:  Astounding Tales of Super Science: making the unworkable work.

All Participants:  Alice Bentley, Bill Higgins, Keith Kato, Mark Olson, Pat Lundrigan
When: Fri 22:00
Location:  P-524B
Session ID:  122
Moderator:  Keith Kato
Duration:  1:30 hrs:min
Language:  English
Track: Science and Space

[I think this one evolved from an idea about "physicists stretching technology" and how experimental apparatus is often constructed that seems, before it is built, nearly impossible to build. A fair amount of Big Science falls into this category. The surviving panel description is not too helpful.]

Title:  How Antimatter Became a Plaything of Science Fiction
Description:  Antimatter, a bizarre family of particles first discovered by physicists in the 1930s, eventually became commonplace in science fiction stories.  We trace the path from science to fiction, which passes through astronomy and the study of meteorites before arriving at John Campbell, Robert Heinlein, and Jack Williamson.  

All Participants:  Bill Higgins
When: Mon 10:00
Location:  P-516D
Session ID: 1236
Duration:  1:00 hrs:min
Language:  English
Track: Science and Space

[Be aware that this talk is a late addition that is NOT LISTED IN THE PUBLISHED PROGRAM. If you know anybody with an interest in this topic, kindly spread the word.]

Title:  A Century of Atom Smashing
Description:  Ernest Rutherford, the first atom smasher, won a Nobel prize for his work at McGill University in Montreal. We discuss his work, what he did and what it led to.

All Participants:  Bill Higgins, Laurel Anne Hill, Stephen R. Cooper
When: Mon 14:00
Location:  P-516D
Session ID:  96
Moderator:  Bill Higgins
Duration:  1:00 hrs:min
Language:  English
Track: Science and Space

[This one came from thinking about possible local connections to the Anticipation science track. I realized that (1) it was nearly the centennial of the alpha-particle "Rutherford scattering" experiment (actually carried out by Geiger and Marsden working under Rutherford at Manchester) and (2) Rutherford achieved prominence in physics while working on the nature of radioactivity at McGill. That first scattering experiment, which used a beam of alpha particles hitting a gold foil, I regard as the ancestor of all beamslinging experiments in nuclear and particle physics since. I don't know the other panelists. Originally I was thinking we could round up somebody from the university who could tell us about Rutherford's history.]
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