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What's Your Favorite James Nicoll Passage from 2009?

The 2010 Hugo nominees have been announced. To my delight, one of the Best Fan Writer nominees* is James Nicoll, who has been posting witty and thought-provoking things to computer networks for twenty years or more. I think it is high time fandom recognized a man whom a machine recently described as "75% Sage and 75% Fool."

Recent Worldcon committees have asked Hugo nominees for permission to make samples of their writings or artwork available to voters. I imagine they will ask James to provide some.

Now, this is actually none of my business. But--

In a hypothetical timeline where James asked you for advice, which of his writings, appearing during calendar 2009, would you recommend be published in the bundle of works Hugo Best Fan Writer nominees? What would you deem both quintessentially Nicollean, and also a good introduction to his work for someone previously unfamiliar with it?

I am accustomed to seeing James's contributions to rec.arts.sf.written on Usenet, and his Livejournal blog entries as james_nicoll** on "More Words, Deeper Hole." Perhaps you know other forums where his thoughts have appeared.

Add your suggestions in the comments. Go ahead and name more than one, if you like.

* Other nominees: Claire Brialey, Christopher J. Garcia, Lloyd Penney, and Frederik Pohl.

** Sure hope I don't get into trouble for outing his LJ identity.
Tags: fandom, james nicoll, nicoll, sf
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