beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Fun With Your New Head*

WSH & Phil Dick Image071
W. Skeffington Higgins converses with Head One of the Philip K. Dick android in 2005, prior to its mysterious disappearance

You may be familiar with the sad story of Philip K. Dick's head. Dick passed away in 1982, but two decades later, in a collaboration between Hanson Robotics and Memphis University, a lifelike automaton of the SF writer was created. It was exhibited as a marvel for a while, but in 2006 it was accidentally left behind on an airliner. It has never been located.

According to the Youtube notes:
Hanson Robotics just rebuilt the Philip K. Dick Android! To replace the android that we lost in 2005, Dutch public broadcasting corporation VPRO sponsored this new robotic Phil. The robot is smarter and more sophisticated than ever, and is growing smarter all the time. Phil lives!!
Well, no, Phil doesn't live, but it's nice to have Artificial Phil back. Welcome, Head Two.

(Keep an eye out for a hatbox containing Head One. It's gotta be somewhere, along with the lost model of the Project Orion Space Battleship and the missing crank for the Antikythera Device.)

* Apologies to Thomas M. Disch. Dick, Disch-- it's so hard to keep those 1960s New Wave science fiction writers straight.
Tags: never pass a fiberglass mascot, robots, science fiction

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