beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Borders Death Watch: Overstocked

At the Rice Lake Square Borders in Wheaton yesterday, there were just one or two left of most titles, but one could see hundreds of forlorn copies of Governor Sarah Palin's book America by Heart.

This is not the only display of Palin's book, just one bookcase of them.

This is not the only book of hers that Borders had. There were also many, many copies of Going Rogue.

They may be fine books-- I wouldn't know-- but they are not doing well in the free marketplace.

Even though they were marked down to just one dollar, nobody was buying them.

I didn't buy one, either.

I probably wouldn't have taken one even if they were free.

(The less said about Governor Tim Pawlenty's book, the better.)
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