August 24th, 2006

That's It boater

A Chilling Discovery

The World War II scheme to build aircraft carriers out of artifical icebergs, Project Habbakuk, has always been on my list of favorite Weird Things To Know. (Tip o' the hat to Willy Ley and Engineers' Dreams.)

A TV series called Sea Hunters, on the National Geographic Channel, apparently is preparing an episode where its divers visit the wreck of the 60-foot Habbakuk prototype, beneath frigid Patricia Lake in Alberta.

They have a blog.

It includes video clips from behind the scenes of the episode. I watched a guy mix up a batch of Pykrete, then demonstrate its durability by firing bullets at it. I watched some animators create a comic book with scenes from the life of Geoffrey Pyke.

In one clip, they even mention Dr. Susan Langley, the underwater archaeologist who helped me when I was researching Habbakuk more than a decade ago.

Check it out.

And-- I don't get the National Geographic Channel. If you should happen to catch this episode, could you find a way to show it to me? I don't think it's aired yet.