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Eponymously Yours, W. Skeffington Higgins
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Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Time Event
Rocketbelt Convention, Day Three
WSH & Graham & Uke 0314

In addition to my other claims to fame, I have now played the ukulele of the First Man To Fly An Untethered Rocket Belt.

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My Rocket Belt Daze
By popular demand, Harold Graham performing "My Rocketbelt Daze" on the baritone ukulele. Video by John B. Carnett, who was covering the conference for Popular Science.

(Thanks to whl, streettech.com, and smithmag.net for pointers.)

My Rocket Belt Daze
by Harold Graham
Copyright 2006 by Harold Graham

I am getting old and feeble now
and I cannot work no more
They put the old rocket belt away
No more demonstrations in front of JFK
No more flights at the U.S. Pentagon

Oh, my rocket belt days are over
My fame is fleeting fast
The task before you people
Is to improve upon the past

Wendell, Ed, and Ernie are up there looking down
Their spirits now are roaming with the blessed
Their efforts on the project
Brought them great renown
I tip my hat up to them
I wish they'd come back down

Oh, my fame is fleeting fast
Reporters never call
Haven't had a press release
in years
But sometimes in the springtime
More often, in the fall
I remember certain details
After tossing back some beers...

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