January 9th, 2013

That's It boater

Eyeball to Eyeball with the Big G

Remember my April 12th entry?

I discovered that a Google Street View mapping car was visiting my neighborhood, and laid in ambush with my camera.

At long last, I find, the data gathered that day have been added to Google Maps. Go to 2625 Wydown Lane in Aurora, Illinois, USA and zoom into Street View, or drag the little orange cartoon person onto the map just south of the intersection of Wydown with White Barn and start looking around. (I'll try embedding a map here, but I'm not sure this works correctly.)

Click here to see map

Eventually you will see a man standing next to a red Pontiac Vibe. He is aiming a camera.

Elsewhere in the neighborhood, there seem to be a lot of little red cars.

I am too busy taking my own pictures to notice that my roof-rack has been disrupted by an image-mosaic boundary.

One can see traces of my car at the following addresses:

2400 White Barn
2403 White Barn
2405 White Barn
2417 White Barn
2457 Wydown
2465 Wydown
2471 Wydown
2479 Wydown
2487 Wydown
2501 Wydown
2503 Wydown
2625 Wydown
2647 Wydown
2615 Newton
2617 Newton
2623 Newton

All images of me, and of red cars, are copyright 2012 by Google.

There's a tree with reddish leaves that appears in both of these pictures.

It's been pointed out that, since I have a camera in front of my face, Google's "recognize a face and blur it" software may have left me alone. Not that I mind, being vain and all.

I am pleased to say that, after many years living in Aurora, I have now achieved landmark status. At least until the next time Google updates their imagery.