beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Warrenville, Illinois: Rematch with the Big G

My most intimate encounter with Google Street View mapmobile (described here and here) was not my only encounter.

A few weeks later, in late April or early May 2012, while driving eastward on Batavia Road in Warrenville, I observed the bug-eyed Google Maps vehicle headed westward.

Here I come: My red Vibe, center, approaches Google's Mapmobile. Spring 2012.

There I go: Passing the Google CarTography vehicle, I wave to its many-faceted camera system. Spring 2012.

Even though you see no more of me than you do of the truck driver in Spielberg's Duel, this still counts as a Higgins sighting.

This is at the driveway of Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 29W260 Batavia Road in Warrenville.
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Tags: google, maps

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