beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

Belated Day One Photos

Here are a few of my photos from Day One.

Hal & Kathy in Plant 0210
Harold Graham, who flew the Bell Rocket Belt on its first flight in April of 1961, and Kathleen Lennon Clough, principal organizer of the Rocketbelt Conference, in the main Bell Aerospace assembly plant. Behind them is the area where the Bell X-1 rocket plane, first to break the sound barrier in 1947, was assembled.

John Spencer X-22 Bldg 0218
John Spencer, chief test pilot at Bell from 1968 to 1973, discusses the former offices of the X-22 VTOL project.

Neeson on X-1 Pit 0214
Hugh Neeson searched for, and found, the spot on the tarmac where Bell dug a rocket plane pit. They'd put the X-1, X-1A, X-1B, or X-2 in the pit and then roll a B--29 mothership over the pit. This made it easy to attach the rocket plane to the belly of the bomber for transport to Muroc Dry Lake in California.

Ky and his Belt 0123
Several latter-day rocket belts are on display this weekend. Ky Michaelson, Minnesota's own Rocketman, shows features of his belt to Clive and Will.

Tags: aviation, bell, belt, jetpack, niagara aerospace museum, niagara falls, rocket, rocketbelt, x-1
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