beamjockey (beamjockey) wrote,

W. Skeffington at Denvention 3

The World Science Fiction Convention is nearly upon us. K and I will be attending, staying in the Crowne Plaza hotel, and the programming folks have assigned me five items.

The entire 170-page pocket program is available as a PDF. (Edited to add: My bio and a photo of me are also now available.)

Here's my schedule, beginning Wednesday, 6 August:


27 Using Real Science in Science Fiction
CCC - Room 505
What exactly is the difference between science fiction and fantasy? If a book has spaceships and ray guns-- but no scientific basis for them-- is it still SF? Do science fiction authors really need to know hard science?
Bill Higgins, (m) Geoffrey Landis, Stephen Baxter


202 Mars update
CCC - Korbel 4AB
What's the latest buzz on and about the Red Planet? Find out what's happening and who's doing it from our specialists.
Bill Higgins, Geoffrey Landis, (m) Steven Howe
(I'm not a Martian "specialist" but I am familiar with some recent NASA missions. Geoff has flown experiments on multiple Mars landers. Steve is a leading expert on nuclear rockets and other advanced propulsion.)


232 You canna change the laws of physics: what really won't work
CCC - Korbel 4AB
Scotty was continually pulling scientific rabbits out of a hat to save the crew of the Enterprise. The laws of physics, however, really are laws and not recommendations. Which of the tricks and notions of science fiction novelists really won't work? Even if we re-configure the neutron signatures and irradiate the ambient tachyon particle trail.
(m) Bill Higgins, Edward M. Lerner, Greg Bear, James Bryant, Jordin Kare


289 Heinlein & the Space Suit
CCC - Room 502
Bill Higgins presents a slide show on the creation of the
space suit at NASA and how Heinlein's work influenced
the design.
(m) Bill Higgins
(This condensed description is, I fear, inaccurate as rewritten. My version: "Many of Robert Heinlein's characters find wearing a space suit as natural as wearing a birthday suit. The history of the pressure suit, and its evolution into the space suit, coincides with the years of his writing career. Heinlein's direct involvement was slight, but there is a surprising connection between his Navy work and the Moon landings." I won't be saying much about NASA space suits; I will show examples of the crossover between SF and real space suits, in both directions.)


669 “Rocket Talk” with Fizz and Fuse, the Reactor Brothers
CCC - Korbel 4CD
(m) Bill Higgins, Jordin Kare
(The Reactor Brothers ride again! Jordin and I advise people who have various problems with their spaceships. It's a blend of advanced-propulsion seminar and improvisational comedy.)

See you on the streets of Denver!

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